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Company Law and Corporate Governance

“It’s axiomatic but both clients and competitors agree that Uría Menéndez’s strength lies in the consistent standard of its lawyers, from respected senior partners to talented associates (…). They are very commercial and seem to have a good mix of international lawyers. Also they seem to have the best young people as well, so the firm has just the highest quality all the way through.” (IFLR 1000)

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Luis de Carlos Bertrán

Luis de Carlos
Partner since 1991. Madrid office / +34915860374
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Rafael Sebastián Quetglas

Rafael Sebastián
Partner since 1991. Madrid office / +34915860430
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Eduardo Geli Fernández-Peñaflor

Eduardo Geli
Partner since 1998. Barcelona office / +34934165131
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Elena Úbeda Hernández

Elena Úbeda
Partner since 2003. Barcelona office / +34934165122
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Carlos Paredes Galego

Carlos Paredes
Partner since 2005. Madrid office / +34915860334
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Antonio Herrera

Antonio Herrera
Partner since 2007. Barcelona office / +34934165185
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Jaime Pereda Espeso

Jaime Pereda
Partner since 2008. New York office / +12125934754
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Javier Redonet Sánchez del Campo

Javier Redonet
Partner since 2008. Madrid office / +34915860154
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Eva Ferrada Lavall

Eva Ferrada
Partner since 2010. Madrid office / +34915860476
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