Spain. The Public-Private Partnership Law Review

According to a report by A T Kearney regarding priority areas for sustainable investment in infrastructure in Spain, the country is in a good position with regard to certain infrastructure (namely high-capacity roads, high-speed railways, airports and ports), but it has deficiencies in the maintenance of current infrastructure, the transport of goods, accessibility and urban mobility, as well as secondary nets. In its analysis, A T Kearney recommends investment in eight priority areas: water, energy, social care, transport, environment, IT, urbanism (smart cities, mobility and urban integration) and infrastructure maintenance. PPP schemes are a way of obtaining that investment in view of limited public funds. In February 2020, the European Commission urged Spain to comply with the requirements of the European legislation on the treatment of urban wastewater, which confirms that water infrastructure in Spain is still insufficient. Additionally, the covid-19 pandemic has especially stressed the importance of strengthening social and healthcare infrastructure.

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