International public tender for the construction works of the new hospital central do Alentejo

On 14 August 2019, the Regional Health Administration of Alentejo, I.P. (“RHAA”) launched an international public tender for the award of a contract for the construction works of the Hospital Central do Alentejo, a new hospital to be built in Évora, which will replace the current Hospital do Espírito Santo.

According to publicly available information, the Hospital Central do Alentejo will be based on a design by the renowned Portuguese architect Souto Moura, will have a 1.9 hectare building area and will boast a healthcare service and a palliative care unit. It will be equipped with 351 hospital beds.

The Hospital Central do Alentejo should be completed and operational by December 2023. 

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For further information, please contact:

Pilar Igartua
Uría Menéndez Madrid
Tel: +34 91 586 03 72