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Sergio Ponce received the Lawyer of the Year - Criminal Employment Law award 

State attorney on leave of absence, Miguel joins to strengthen the public law and dispute resolution teams

This act symbolises the donation of 1,400 two-year-old holm oaks that the firm has donated to Madrid City Council.

This guide sets out the basic information that should be known by any investor not established in Spain

The Portuguese Competition Authority has been developing, in the past weeks, a set of initiatives aimed at further monitoring potential anti-competitive conduct in the labour market.

The proposal includes a three-fold mechanism to address the potential distortive effects of foreign subsidies granted to companies operating in the European Union.

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Fintech 2021 - Spain

By Isabel Aguilar Alonso, Carolina Albuerne González and Leticia López-Lapuente

Chapter 33 - Spain

By Juan Carlos Machuca Siguero and Alfonso José Bernar Fernández-Roca

Portugal - Fintech 2021

By Pedro Ferreira Malaquias and Hélder Frias.

Gaming 2021 - Spain

By David López Velázquez, lawyer in the Banking and Finance team.

Chapter 16 - Spain

By Manuel Vélez and Ana María Sabiote.

Amendments to the Spanish Companies Law and the Securities Markets Law

Law to encourage long-term shareholder engagement in listed companies.

Chapter 7 - Portugal

By Hélder Frias and Sofia Santos Júnior.

The International Debt Capital Markets Review 2021/22

The European Green Bond Standard - A New Framework For European Issuers,

Financial Regulation

Investment services, asset management and market infrastructure

Chapter 17 - Spain

By Pablo González-Espejo and Nerea Sanjuan1

Portugal - Modifications to the Golden Visa regime

Decree-Law 14/2021, of 12 february.

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