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The Executive Remuneration Review - Spain

By Raúl Boo, Miguel Pérez and Aina Valls

Co-living approach to the legal regime in Spain

How is the implementation of co-living properties regulated in Spain?

Tax on the increase in value of urban land in Spain

Royal Decree-Law 26/2021 approving amendments to the regulation of the tax on the increase in value of urban land comes into force on 10 November.

The Public-Private Partnership Law Review - Spain

By Manuel Vélez and Ana María Sabiote.

The International Debt Capital Markets Review 2021/22

The European Green Bond Standard - A New Framework For European Issuers.

The Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Law Review - Spain

By Francisco Javier García Pérez, Montiano Monteagudo, Marta Rios, Juan Reyes, Patricia Vidal, Manuel Álvarez, Cristina Ayo, Jaime Calvo, Eduard Vila, Violeta Marinas, Yanira Miguel and Cristina Moreno.

Investment Arbitration Outlook

In this edition, we continue to study the current status of international investment law to better understand its present and future.

European Arbitration Review

By Álvaro López de Argumedo, Gabriel Bottini, André del Solar Garzón and Julia de Castro Velasco

Healthcare M&A 2021 - Spain

By Teresa Paz-Ares and Beatriz Cocina lawyers in the Healthcare and Life Sciences team

The EU Court of Justice Danish Cases

The National Court (Audiencia Nacional) rectifies the Spanish Central Administrative Court (TEAC), and its previous decisions.

Portugal - Fintech 2021

By Pedro Ferreira Malaquias and Hélder Frias.

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José Manuel Ballester
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