Uría Menéndez and the Madrid City Council plant a tree in the Pablo Sorozábal gardens

This act symbolises the donation of 1,400 two-year-old holm oaks that the firm has donated to Madrid City Council.

May 31, 2021

Our senior partner, Luis de Carlos, has participated with the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in planting a Japanese lantern tree in the Pablo Sorozábal gardens next to our head office in Madrid. This act symbolises the donation of 1,400 two-year-old holm oaks that the firm has made to the Madrid City Council to help alleviate the devastating effects of Storm Filomena, which ravaged the capital this January and destroyed more than 40% of the city’s trees. The donated trees form part of a wider initiative being organised by the firm, "Let’s plant the UM Forest", through which the firm managed to reduce 43% of its annual paper consumption in 2020.

At the event Luis de Carlos highlighted Uría Menéndez’s commitment to Madrid, the city where the firm originated and which today houses its head office. The Mayor expressed his gratitude for the donation and emphasised the commitment needed from all of Madrid’s citizens to make it the sustainable city it aspires to be. He underscored the importance of the legal sector to Madrid and Spain, it being one of the most cutting-edge in Continental Europe, and reiterated the crucial role that Uría Menéndez plays in the sector by setting the excellent standard it does.

So as to respect current health protocols and to avoid the event becoming a large gathering, Salvador Sánchez-Terán, Rafael García Llaneza, Bárbara Fernández Cobo, Carmen Pascual, Rosa Sánchez, Ana Suárez Capel and Dionisio Uría attended as representatives of the firm.