Spain. The Executive Remuneration Review

Raúl Boo Vicente, Miguel Pérez Campos, Aina Valls Bolta.

The Spanish market combines the discipline and stability brought about by EU legislation and the expertise and innovation of its players. It is a competitive and open market populated by national and international service providers who are driven by its harmonised regulations and the diversity of its demand.

The Spanish tax code is competitive for entities incorporated or domiciled in Spain, for non-Spanish investors in Spanish resident entities and for employees moving to Spain to provide services to Spanish resident entities.

In addition, companies that decide to set up in Spain will find a very competitive country in relation to employment costs, increasingly flexible regulations, a fully professionalised judicial system and a reasonable role for employee representatives and trade unions in a context without industrial disputes. In addition, Spanish immigration regulations facilitate obtaining work and residence permits in a short time for highly qualified professionals, large companies and intra-group employee transfers.

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