URÍA MENÉNDEZ has changed its image

New logo, new corporate colors, new head office and new web page. Our firm´s growth has driven us to change our head office.

July 22, 2005

On July 26, URÍA MENÉNDEZ will unveil its new corporate image and change its name from Uría & Menéndez to Uría Menéndez. We will use our new image in all of our offices and, especially, on our new web page (www.uria.com).

Additionally, we have moved our Madrid offices. The new headquarters, located on Príncipe de Vergara 187, will be in a protected building constructed in 1984 by the architect D. Eleuterio Población. Our offices will be spread over eleven floors and two annexes covering in total 11,000 square meters approximately.

In the new headquarters, URÍA MENÉNDEZ has installed the most cutting-edge IT and telecommunications systems.  Our firm will also continue to improve our innovative knowledge management system to which we have dedicated an outstanding place in the library of our new building complex.