Uría Menéndez and the Adecco Foundation sign an agreement to promote the incorporation of disabled individuals into the workplace

Uría Menéndez and the Adecco Foundation have entered into a collaboration agreement to encourage the hiring of disabled individuals

April 14, 2008

Uría Menéndez and the Adecco Foundation have entered into a collaboration agreement by which they undertake, through awareness and employment promotion, to create opportunities for the disabled in the labour market.

Among other provisions, the agreement includes a process of incorporation for disabled individuals in Uría Menéndez and the adaptation of the work areas. In order to achieve these ends, awareness activities will be carried out for employees with measures that favour the incorporation of the disabled in the workplace.

This initiative, which forms a part of Uría Menéndez’s corporate responsibility strategy also establishes a family plan directed toward the members of Uría Menéndez with disabled relatives. This plan supplements a program that advances and affirms the commitment of businesses toward one of the least privileged groups in the labour market.

The agreement was signed at the offices of Uría Menéndez by Mr. Emilio Zurutuza, president of the Adecco Foundation and by José María Segovia, managing partner of Uría Menéndez.

Mr. Emilio Zurutuza noted that “the diversity in the abilities of individuals is the guiding force of businesses; disabled individuals have developed abilities and capabilities that can provide significant value for the business.”

Mr. José María Segovia assured that “Uría Menéndez has had a longstanding commitment toward groups that experience additional difficulties finding work. We are confident that the signing of this agreement with the Adecco Foundation will help us continue with and advance this goal.”