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The media has long been part of our professional practice. We are involved in major corporate transactions in the sector and advise on the corporate governance, commercial contracting, regulatory and consumer relations aspects of large corporate transactions in this sector.

We are the go-to firm in:

  • Supporting public limited sports companies, clubs, national and international federations, leagues, event organisers and athletes
  • Offering comprehensive advice to financers, sponsors, major sports equipment brands, and holders and exploiters of audiovisual rights
  • Advising on the of both online and offline gambling
  • Advising on the purchase, sale and financing of international gambling operators
  • Assisting with the regulatory aspects of gaming, including advice on grey areas (e.g. fantasy sports, e-sports, e-gaming, skill games)

We assemble teams of multidisciplinary lawyers according to the approach and strategy required in each case and offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions to efficiently manage risks and pursue business objectives. Our resources and proven international experience allow us to accompany our clients step by step in their cross-border projects, collaborating with the top specialists in each jurisdiction.

Latest news

  • Miguel María García Caba (Director), Enrique Ortega Burgos (Director), Pablo Cazorla González-Serrano (Coordinador), Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez (Coordinador), Lucas Ferrer (Coordinador), Manuel García-Villarrubia (Coordinador), Carmen Pérez González (Coordinador), Remedios Roqueta Buj (Coordinador), Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Díaz-Obregón (Coordinador), Silvia Verdugo (Coordinador). Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch, 2023

Latest news