Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan of Barcelona

14 June 2022

22@ is a technological district located in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona which, after 20 years, has become one of the main technological hubs in southern Europe. After two decades it has also become clear that the urban planning regulations applicable to the district need to be adapted it to the current social, economic and technological situation. On 7 June the Specific Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan for a more inclusive and sustainable 22@ (MPGM 22@2022) was published and came into force, replacing the previous Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan to renew the industrial areas of the Poblenou - 22@ activity district. The main objective of this plan, which applies to various areas within the Poblenou district of Barcelona, is to regenerate and transform this area by adapting the planning provisions to the current needs of its inhabitants. Notable modifications include the possibility of allowing co-living in some areas, prohibiting student residences and tourist accommodation in the new areas, and provisions on equipment and facilities.

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