Internet and Privacy

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Helena Almeida

Our team has been a pioneer in data protection and internet matters for over 20 years. We advise leading digital companies on e-commerce and how to manage data, and assist with digitalisation in other sectors such as finance, industry and services so as to ensure that transformation occurs effectively and efficiently.

Our in-depth knowledge of the digital environment and technologies such as big data, AI, apps and social networks enables us to meet the needs of companies no matter their sector.

We assist our clients with all aspects of data protection and cyberspace:

  • Privacy by design and preventive advice on designing processes and policies
  • Negotiation and legal analysis of the development and implementation of data-management tools (big data, AI, blockchain, etc.)
  • Investigations and proceedings before the authorities
  • Cybersecurity and data breaches
  • Advice on regulatory compliance and data privacy notices and policies