“The group is consistently present on big-ticket work, which these days tends to mean refinancing, where it is on some of the top deals in the market. (...) Clients have come to appreciate the firm's emphasis on quality, while the broad umbrella of the corporate department ensures versatile lawyers, which suits the mood of the times.” (Chambers Global)


We advise borrower companies, banks and other financial institutions in financing transactions. This breadth of experience means that we are able to identify the key issues at stake for everyone involved. We pride ourselves on being proficient in particularly complex and innovative transactions.

Our advice includes bilateral and syndicated credit and loan structures. We also have significant experience in structured finance deals involving different types of debt (senior, mezzanine, subordinated, second lien, participative loans) and in the regulation of relationships between creditors of the same and different ranks.

Our work in international financing has grown significantly in the last few years. Transactions are increasingly governed by Spanish law, even though sometimes the only Spanish component is the financial entity or the industrial developer. We advise on Spanish and Portuguese law aspects of financing contracts governed by foreign law, and in the structuring of in rem and personal guarantee packages. We have significant experience in providing practical solutions to tax matters and insolvency risks in the creation of guarantees.

We advise clients at all stages of a project, drafting and negotiating:

  • invitation letters to financial entities and confidentiality agreements
  • mandate letters and term sheets
  • financing, hedging, creditors, in rem, and personal guarantee agreements for companies of the borrower’s group
  • syndicated finance contracts and the legal aspects of information memorandums