Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition

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A transparent market is essential to prevent abuses and allow players to compete on their merits. Intellectual property rights are a key asset for competitiveness and form the basis for success in all sectors of the economy.

Our team of lawyers provides pre-litigation, litigation and commercial advice to forward thinking and innovative companies, offering them expertise that often proves to be the difference in complex cases. The team also plays a key role in monetising R&D&I and designing new business strategies.

What sets us apart is our close relationship with clients, and this is based on extensive experience and a deep understanding of technical, practical and commercial matters and the regulatory sphere. We understand our clients’ strategic requirements and long-term needs, and frequently issue opinions on complex and innovative issues.

We are also known for our role in developing treatise through academic publications that courts have accepted and relied upon, as well as for our rigorous analysis and innovative approach to delivering solutions.

We advise national and international clients in strategic sectors: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, electronics, cosmetics, textiles, defence, entertainment and services (telecommunications, software, media, banking and finance, public works, hotels, museums), food and beverages, agriculture (plant varieties) and commercial (digital platforms and retail).

We handle: 

  • Complex litigation on the infringement and nullity of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and plant varieties, copyright and related rights, audiovisual rights, unfair competition and advertising, and image rights protection
  • Pre-litigation advice and the negotiation and drafting of contracts transferring or licensing intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Class-action lawsuits regarding general terms and conditions and unfair commercial practices
  • Settlement negotiations

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Latest news