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Ignasi Abellí
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Our multidisciplinary capabilities, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry enable us to support clients faced with a complex regulatory framework, challenging market conditions and digitalisation programmes, and major changes to distribution channels. We tackle the legal and business issues that can arise when designing and executing corporate and financing transactions, along with regulatory and commercial strategy issues to reinforce market share, capital position and commercial performance.

Our team is made up of expert lawyers who handle all legal aspects of insurance and reinsurance in litigation and commercial, tax, employment, data protection, administrative and competition law: 

  • Corporate transactions: acquisitions, sales, mergers, spin-offs and liquidations of insurers and reinsurers
  • Bankassurance for all classes of insurance (with or without joint venture companies)
  • National and international portfolio transfers
  • Reinsurance transactions (VIF monetisation of life-risk insurance portfolios and transactions concerning life-savings businesses)
  • Pre-litigious and litigation advice in complex insurance claims
  • Insurance and reinsurance contracts, including unit-linked insurance and payment-protection plans
  • Insurtech and new technological developments
  • Pension plans and funds
  • Private insurance mediation matters
  • Regulation and supervision: requirements to operate in Spain and Portugal, authorisation and sanctioning proceedings, multinational structures and freedom to provide services or do so through branches

For decades we have participated in the insurance and reinsurance market’s most complex and innovative transactions. We advise companies on product development, distribution and any matter with a regulatory component (consumer protection, corporate governance, solvency requirements, compliance obligations, etc.).

Our profound understanding of the sector and litigation capabilities enable us to advise policyholders, insurers, and insurance and reinsurance companies in all types of pre-litigious proceedings and litigation.

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Latest news