Energy and Natural Resources


Abraham Lacalle

Against the backdrop of a complex regulatory framework, we advise our clients on corporate transactions, entering new markets, risk management and how to develop their business sustainably. Our first-rate legal advice is founded on unparalleled knowledge of the sector and of our clients’ business objectives.

When it comes to tackling regulatory, financial or business challenges, our team specialises in the needs of the energy, mining and raw materials industries and understands all angles of the issues involved.

We provide advice on all phases of the value chain:

  • Exploration, extraction and generation
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Commercialisation

We advise all the main players:

  • Electricity, oil and gas companies
  • Renewables contractors and developers
  • Title holders of gas and electricity transport and distribution infrastructures
  • Operators of gas and oil pipelines
  • Gas and electricity traders
  • Investors and lenders: financial institutions, debt funds and investment and infrastructure funds


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