Real Estate and Planning

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Roland Fischer
C-print Diasec

We provide legal advice and transactional support to the main players in the real estate sector, delivering solutions that align with their business objectives and encompass the design, implementation and execution of their projects.

Our in-depth understanding of our clients’ activities and objectives, excellent knowledge of the law and the market, creativity and capacity to organise multidisciplinary teams enable us to offer alternative solutions for real estate and planning transactions.

We work with the main players in the real estate market (investment funds, asset managers and local partners, real estate investment trusts and owners of all types of assets, real estate developers and banks) to design and implement their projects:

  • Sale, purchase and assignment of credit and property portfolios
  • Sale and purchase via asset deals and share deals and leasing of all types of trophy assets (residential, commercial, hotels, industrial, logistical, offices and land)
  • Real estate financing
  • Development, construction and turnkey contracts
  • Joint ventures to develop real estate projects
  • Distressed real estate

Latest news

Latest news