Capital Markets


Jaume Plensa

In today’s global economy, we have cemented our position as leaders in capital markets transactions, advising the main players of the Ibero-American markets – companies, financial institutions and regulatory authorities – and delivering valuable solutions while maintaining the highest standards.

We lead the pack when it comes to fixed-income and equity transactions and complex financial instruments. With our extensive experience and capacity for dialogue with the main regulatory authorities, we can provide advice of the highest calibre to issuers, selling shareholders, investment banks, private equity firms, financial advisers and offerors and companies affected by takeovers.

Among all the firms in the Iberian Peninsula, our multidisciplinary team and practice is unparalleled in its balanced representation of issuers and underwriters, winning us credibility and recognition in the market for advising:

  • Issuers, bookrunners and underwriters on flotations, share offers, capital increases and accelerated bookbuild offerings, the issuing and buy-back or cancellation of all types of debt instruments (simple, convertible, high-yield and hybrid) and the registration of issuance programmes, both at a domestic and cross-border level and from or to the Iberian Peninsula
  • Offerors and companies affected by takeovers or M&A transactions involving a listed company
  • On corporate governance and capital markets regulation


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