2023 Iberian Real Estate Investment Guide

Cushman & Wakefield, Uría Menéndez.

2023 Uría Menéndez

Real Estate Investment Guide in Spain and Portugal

The Iberian property market has maintained the strength and vitality regained over the last years and is today extremely active, attracting capital flows from all over the world. Demand levels are still very high, occupational markets are buoyant and all types of real estate are being acquired and managed with increased levels of skill and professionalism.

Despite the recent changes caused by war in Europe, high inflation and rising interest rates, rental levels and capital values remain healthy and there is still some room for improvement. Throughout the last years, the real estate community members have done their best to crystallize this trend. Indeed, some of the most powerful drivers of the change have demanded the joint action and effort of multiple parties: public authorities, the financial community, real estate investors, developers, consultants and lawyers.

Both Cushman & Wakefield and Uría Menéndez have played a significant role in this change. We are proud of our contribution but, at the same time, determined and committed to continue adding value, fostering innovation and enhancing best practices to consolidate the Iberian real estate market.

In 2017 we launched the first Iberian real estate investment guide, covering the sector from an economic, legal and tax perspective, with a view to deepening its transparency and efficiency. What follows is the third edition of the guide, combining a look at the market and its future profile from Cushman & Wakefield’s expert teams, with a thorough analysis by Uría Menéndez of the legal and tax framework in which real estate is developed, operated, leased and transacted in Spain and Portugal.

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