“Deals with a huge amount of work with a great degree of success, without ever compromising on quality or dedication.” (Chambers Europe)


Uría Menéndez offers a complete service covering all aspects of the aeronautical sector: acquisitions, sales and financing, as well as administrative and regulatory issues. We also advise on aviation litigation, insurance and reinsurance.

We advise Spanish, Portuguese and foreign airlines in their relationships with the aviation authorities, as well as financiers, tourism and transport groups.


  • Financing, sale and purchase, and mortgages
  • Operating and finance leases
  • Attachment and repossession of aircraft

Administrative and regulatory issues

  • Creation of airlines
  • Establishment of liner services
  • M&A of airlines
  • Operating agreements between airlines
  • Airports and airport handling services
  • Administrative and sanction proceedings

Litigation and insurance

  • Air accidents
  • Aviation insurance
  • Claims related to the transportation of passengers and goods by air
  • Judicial and arbitral proceedings