“Uría Menéndez is recognised as having quality running throughout the firm. Though its headcount may not match up to some close rivals, there is a feeling that the team has a "very high homogeneous quality" according to peers. "I would say that the tier-one firm in Spain is just Uría," says one rival.” (IFLR 1000)


We are at the forefront of the design and development of securitisation deals and other structured finance transactions without recourse to partners or developers, backed by cash flows, income from business or the value of underlying assets.

Our lawyers advise the leading securitisation fund management companies and entities involved in securitisation transactions, either as originators of the securitised assets, or as placement entities, mono-line insurers, rating agencies, or suppliers of credit enhancement instruments.

We frequently advise in major structured securitisation transactions in Spain and Portugal involving mortgaged and non-mortgaged assets (such as assets of industrial and commercial companies, personal loans and credits from car fleet rentals).

We have participated in noteworthy transactions, such as the securitisation of rights to compensation arising from the acknowledgement of tariff deficits in the electricity sector, the incorporation of the first open-ended asset securitisation fund, and the first subsidised housing asset securitisation fund guaranteed by the Instituto de Crédito Oficial.