IT-Recht und Outsourcing


We advise all types of businesses and in particular those from the ICT sector, such as technology companies, online service providers and software developers.

Our lawyers have years of experience in outsourcing transactions involving infrastructures, communications and processes on both a national and international scale. Our general advice on the drafting, review and negotiation of outsourcing contracts also covers corporate restructuring and other related areas, such as, labour, tax, intellectual and industrial property and personal data protection.

  • Protection of software and electronic databases
  • Contracts for the licensing, transfer, distribution and provision of software and electronic databases
  • Source code deposit agreements
  • Maintenance, hotline, service level and training agreements
  • Technical consultancy, development and integration, implementation, migration and IT system installation contracts
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Hosting, document management and ASP contracts
  • Distribution, supply, sale and purchase and hardware renting and leasing contracts
  • Contracts for the supply of products and IT services to the public sector
  • Taxation of software
  • Intellectual property rights and the private copying levy
  • Product liability
  • Copyright infringement and IT piracy
  • Microelectronic patents