Indian Desk

The Indian Desk is composed of a group of lawyers from several practice areas, based in offices in Spain, Portugal, London and Beijing. Through the Indian Desk we collaborate with a number of the most prestigious law firms in India.


India is among the countries with the greatest potential for future growth; a fact which has awakened the interest of numerous companies in establishing commercial ties there. Spanish and Portuguese companies are no exception to this trend, with more and more of them choosing to start operating in India. The country’s growth has also encouraged Indian companies to seek investment opportunities abroad, such as in Spain, Portugal, most countries in Latin America, and in the Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa. This is why we have established the Indian Desk at Uría Menéndez. Its main role is to advise our clients in India and to encourage investment from Indian companies in Spain, Portugal and other countries where our clients have financial interests.

To achieve this goal, the Indian Desk brings together lawyers from several practice areas and various offices of Uría Menéndez under the leadership of Jorge Martí Moreno, head partner of the Valencia office. All the professionals involved have extensive experience in advising Spanish and Portuguese companies on internationalisation processes and on the establishment of Indian companies in Spain and Portugal. They also have in-depth knowledge of the most important legal, institutional and entrepreneurial aspects of establishing a business in India.

At Uría Menéndez we are aware that actively collaborating with law firms based in our clients’ target countries is vital to provide the best advice on internationalisation processes. This is why we work with the most prestigious Indian lawyers and law firms.

Among the many roles of the Indian Desk, we carry out promotional activities at both an institutional and an entrepreneurial level in conjunction with Spanish and Portuguese companies with a presence in India. This work involves participating in forums and conferences about India, organising meetings with important public figures and institutions, and joining organisations such as the Europe India Chamber of Commerce.

Avocats de contact

Jorge Martí
Associé depuis 1996. Bureau de Valence / +34963532334

Francisco Brito e Abreu
Associé depuis 2005. Bureau de Lisbonne / +351213583011

Iratxe Celaya
Associée depuis 2011. Bureau de Bilbao / +34944794992

Carlos Durán
Associé depuis 2016. Bureau de Barcelone / +34934165132

Antonio Sánchez
Associé depuis 2018. Bureau de Madrid / +861059650708

Christian Hoedl
Associé depuis 1998. Bureau de Madrid / +34915860096

Jesús López Tello
Associé depuis 1995. Bureau de Madrid / +34915860385

Juan Carlos Machuca
Associé depuis 2007. Bureau de Londres / +442072601802

Juan Martín Perrotto
Associé depuis 2008. Bureau de Madrid / +34915870821