Corporate Crime and Internal Investigations

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Alicia Martín
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Risk management is a core part of conducting business. Companies must take a pre-emptive approach to understanding and dealing with the ramifications of corporate criminal liability for themselves and their management teams.

The combination of our team’s substantial experience in corporate crime and the resources of a major Ibero-American firm form the basis of our leading practice.

We specialise in economic criminal litigation and pursue the interests of large corporations and management teams in the main economic sectors, assisting them to develop well-informed risk-management strategies that encompass effective corporate governance and robust anti-corruption frameworks.

This includes conducting internal investigations and implementing and reviewing compliance programmes that respond to legal obligations and reputational considerations, all while providing comprehensive solutions that protect business interests.

Our advice addresses all of a client’s possible needs:

  • Litigation concerning financial crimes: tax, environmental and corporate offences, money laundering, corruption, fraud and forgery
  • Litigation concerning information technology offences: privacy, intellectual property and copyright, computer fraud and sabotage
  • Conducting internal investigations and crisis management