International Arbitration

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Chema Madoz

International arbitration has become the most accepted method for resolving international disputes. Our extensive experience in the field enables us to successfully handle the most complex disputes, before any seat or arbitral institution and no matter the law governing the dispute.

Our team of specialist lawyers from nine different jurisdictions is able to work in seven languages and apply all the main international rules. We represent companies and high-net-worth individuals before the world’s main arbitral tribunals (the CCI, LCIA, Swiss Courts, CIADI, CAM, CIMA and Spanish Arbitration Court) and in ad hoc arbitrations.

We participate in:

  • Commercial and investment arbitrations, representing both states and investors
  • Judicial proceedings related to arbitration, including requests for interim measures, appointment of arbitrators, actions for annulment, and recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes before and during the arbitral proceeding
  • Cross-border disputes linked with international arbitrations

Our strong presence in Latin America (in Chile, Colombia and Peru) and close relationships with the leading European firms through our Best Friends network place us at the forefront of advice on disputes relating to construction, oil & gas, energy, commercial law, M&A, finance, sport, transport, technology and defence.


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