Inspection Procedures and Tax Litigation


Gil Heitor Cortesão

Our team is noted for its high degree of technical specialisation and extensive collective experience, together with an in-depth knowledge of the tax authorities and courts. The team’s standard of technical excellence results in a practical and client-focused approach to finding optimal solutions.  

We advise large national and international corporations and family groups as well as individuals in their interactions with the tax authorities. Experts in tax procedures and litigation, we are at the forefront of legal innovation, with extensive knowledge of the most complex procedural aspects of tax law.

For more than 50 years we have led the litigation of major tax disputes in Spain including related-party transactions, tax deductibility of financial expenses, spectrum (telecommunications) fees, directors’ compensation, professional partnerships, interest payments and payments to foreign holding companies (Danish cases).

Our lawyers include doctors in law and university professors, tax inspectors, State lawyers and former lawyers of the EU institutions.

Clients highlight our commitment to their interests and deep understanding of each individual case, as well as our innovative approach and effectiveness in dealing with crisis situations.

We are specialists in :

  • Inspections and other verification procedures, including coordinated inspections within the EU.
  • Economic-administrative claims and tax litigation before all types of courts including the Constitutional Court, the EU Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Obtaining binding rulings from the tax authorities, negotiation of prior valuation agreements and mutual agreement procedures.
  • All types of customs proceedings, defence against derivation of liability proceedings and other collection actions, challenging State aid recoveries, claims against public authorities, etc.

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Latest news