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Manuel Saro
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Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and regulations allows us to provide multifaceted advice to companies active in this distinctly global market, placing the firm’s considerable resources at our clients’ disposal.

We are experts in the healthcare, life sciences and chemicals sectors (medicines, food, cosmetics, mixed categories) and take a multidisciplinary approach covering a range of angles: corporate and contractual, administrative and regulatory, competition law, intellectual property, M&A and compliance. 

We advise clients from the start of their activity and throughout the research, development, manufacturing, commercialisation and advertising cycle of their products and services. Our knowledge of the market enables us to provide first-rate legal advice that is pragmatic and tailored to each individual case:

Research, development and innovation

  • Contracts for clinical trials, collaboration and co-development
  • Strategies to protect earnings: IP, policies to protect trade secrets
  • Tech transfers (in-licensing and out-licensing)

Manufacturing and commercialisation

  • Manufacturing and supply contracts
  • Financing and price regulation of medicines, including specific agreements (risk-sharing, budget ceilings)
  • Access to the market (potential restrictions on prescription, dispensing and financing)
  • Restructuring of distribution models
  • Market-supply systems, parallel trade, and direct sales to pharmacies and sales to hospitals (public tenders)


  • Advertising and commercial strategies
  • Designing and implementing compliance policies
  • Advertising disputes

Corporate and commercial transactions

  • Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, joint ventures, co-development, licensing, co-marketing, co-promotion and exclusive promotion, supply, distribution and agency arrangements

Litigation and regulatory

  • Civil and administrative litigation to protect products and business strategies, whether against competitors or public authorities
  • Proceedings before health ministries, regional health authorities, self-regulatory bodies and trade associations, and other administrative and healthcare authorities across the Iberian Peninsula


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