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Manuel Saro
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Our solid understanding of the healthcare sector, the applicable regulations and the sector’s competitive environment gives us a 360º perspective from which to anticipate key trends. We are also in a privileged position that enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of regulators’ priorities and criteria, as we are actively involved in regulatory policy development. And with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector, we can offer tailor-made, pragmatic and innovative solutions.

We advise on all types of issues in the healthcare sector:

  • M&A and private equity: from venture capital to international and domestic transactions, private and listed entities, and setting up joint ventures
  • Commercial agreements and collaborations: research and development, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, promotion and marketing contracts
  • Creating and restructuring distribution networks in the healthcare space
  • Regulation: pricing and reimbursement, market access, risk-sharing agreements, activity licences, liaising with authorities, commercial and promotional strategies, and advertising
  • Protecting innovation: litigation relating to pharmaceutical patent protection, technology transfer agreements – whether between private entities or from the public sector to the private sector – and developing policies to protect trade secrets
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP) to provide health services and to supply medicines and medical devices, and in related administrative and contentious proceedings
  • Clinical trial contracts: from the perspective of the sponsor, monitor and health site (model flexibility, assigning intellectual property rights, obtaining authorisations, data flows and informed consent)
  • Digital health business models based on the latest technology: telemedicine, AI, precision medicine, biotech start-ups, genetic databases and reusing health and medical data.
  • Market supply and parallel trade
  • Product liability
  • Compliance: policy development, complaints, audits and investigations

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Latest news