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José Manuel Ciria
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In a globalised economy with an increasingly complex regulatory framework and legal systems that often diverge, we leverage our considerable resources and in-depth knowledge to advise both private companies and public sector entities.

Our specialist team assists contractors and concessionaires of infrastructures and services in their relations with public bodies, advising companies in heavily regulated and industrial sectors, foreign companies – including investment funds – making bids in Spain and Portugal, and Ibero-American companies when they are carrying out infrastructure and public services projects abroad.

Our academic standing, our close relationships with the main players and professional and industry associations, and our capacity to foster dialogue with public bodies and regulators mean that we are best placed to propose novel solutions for public projects and public-private partnerships:

  • All phases of public contracting: bidding, performance, termination and settlement
  • Dispute resolution: special and administrative appeals
  • Restricted sectors: water, energy, transport and postal services
  • Regulated sectors: finance, energy, defence, health, transport and telecommunications
  • Infrastructure and public services
  • Natural resources and environmental protection systems
  • Litigation in domestic courts (including the constitutional courts of both Spain and Portugal) and the CJEU courts. Proceedings before courts of audit and other supervisory bodies
  • State aid and subsidies
  • Liability of public authorities
  • Draft legislation

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Latest news